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About this site, and how it was created.
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My old Photo Album.
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Photos of all my adventures.
This site was created by hand using vim, and lots of help from a number of O'Reilly books. This is my first attempt with anything other then HTML 1.0, so I hope the CSS, DHTML and the JavaScript works on your browser.
I've tried to keep the site workable even for the most basic of browsers, but it may look ugly.
I got the idea of the funky fading in and out if the text from www.orkut.com. Of course they used it tastefully. I just used it everywhere, because I'm not one for subtlety :-)
I am by no means a web master, and even though this site is XHTML, and CSS compliant - it may not look go good in some browsers. (I've only tried In Firefox, IE, and Opera)
If you see a dark box around the "Fenks" logo in the middle of this page, then you're likely using IE which has a bug rendering PNGs with transparencies. What can I say? Try a better browser ;-)

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