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Some related sites:

Pretzel Logic is a web-based ASP that offers groupware services.
Well .... at least that's what it will be. At this point it's not even much of a web site - but I'm working on it, and hope to have everything up and running soon. In the mean time you can look at it if you want, but I would suggest simply wasting your on more interesting sites like www.fark.com (This site isn't mine, so it has potential to be useful)
MaiaLand! The land of the Maia!
In my usual tradition of worthless sites, this one is again - worthless. It was completely designed by me! can't you tell? It does however talk about the search for other Maia Onno's. The cool thing is that even though "John Ross" is one of he most common names on the planet, as far as we know there is only *one* Maia Onno. If you know of another one, check out MaiaLand.ca, and let us know!
Nothing but a caricature of me, but a nice picture none the less. (Again, no real content)